Escape from Shadow Island by Paul Adam

Max Cassidy is a teenage escapologist, so good he’s nicknamed the Half-pint Houdini. His father disappeared two years ago and his body has never been found. His mother is now serving a life sentence for her husband’s murder.

Max’s mission to learn the truth about his family takes him on an thrilling journey, from London to the horrors of the terrifying Shadow Island in central America.

Escapology is dangerous but not nearly as dangerous as real life . . .

I first thought that last sentence said Egyptology is dangerous, but not nearly as dangerous as real life. Turns out, it was escapology. Very different.



And then there’s escapology, where about a hundred different photos of this come up:


I made the mistake of reading this before bed. Let me just say, this could be classified as a thriller. Not a book to read before bed. I’ve made this mistake many times before. How was I supposed to know this was a thriller? Well, despite that fact, I greatly enjoyed this book. It was fun, exciting, mysterious and had an interesting story. I really loved the whole escape thing, and the suspense in the beginning was awesome! I was glad it got off to such a fun start.

The characters in this were well-formed and real, even though I didn’t like Max’s character at times. He’s rash and full of temerity at times, which doesn’t help his case. His dad told him to stay calm in every situation, especially if you’re trying to escape from something. Not really working for him. I was glad of his efforts though, when he mentioned it. Max’s a clever kid, and I was glad that Paul Adam didn’t just hand everything to him on a silver platter that’s very poorly disguised. No, I felt that Paul Adam made Max work towards his goals hard.

The people who support Max, like his assistant Conseula and his mom, are brave and make you care about them. The people who work against Max, pretty much everyone else, conspire and throw a ton of twists and turns at Max that are exciting and thrilling.

I rated this book 3.7 stars because I didn’t like how Paul Adam piled up the list of stuff Max had to deal with. It was frustrating after a while to see Max have to face all those things without any answers, and there was one point in the story where I felt kind of bad for the guy. Paul Adam slowly unraveled his giant scheme though, and the ending is a cliffhanger so I’m pumped up now to read the second book. Can’t wait! A really fast read good for teens and tweens.

pg count for the hardcover: 304

Series: Max Cassidy

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