New Blog: Announcements!

Hey everyone, Eli here. So in the beginning of the year, I transferred RealityLapse to The Silver Words, my new book blog. I’ve really enjoyed the challenges and joys that have come with the new blog, and overall I’m doing better there than I did here (giving out your blog username to people is a struggle when you have a number in the URL). However, I have really missed posting here to you guys. I have had a few recent subscribers, so I wanted to let y’all know to come on over to TSW! I have a lot more giveaways and a more constant flow of reviews, spotlights and such over there. Here are some of the highlights and recent posts:

Just recently, I interviewed the author of ZEROBOXER, Fonda Lee, and got to find out what Harry Potter houses her characters would be sorted in, what her writing journey was like, what she wished she’d known about publishing and much more! In addition to that, I’ve also been working hard on the redesign of my middle-grade review blog, Tweens Read Too. Head on over to get a look at what it’ll be like from now on. I’ve got a lot planned out, so be sure to stop by, comment and subscribe!

the silver words book blog


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